Week 4 – 025/365

Here are some more black and white images of New York City.  One or two are a little more processed than normal because they came out so blurry/grainy and the quality was significantly degraded.  I kept the images because I enjoyed the settings/poses and I didn’t want to give them up just because they were blurry!


Speaking of blurry...but I love this shot too much to toss.

Right outside the Grand Central Station, doing some people-watching.  It seems the further you get from my starting point (One Penn Plaza) the more normal and boring people get!

025/365 Outtake

I like these two. They're looking up ahead, not at the ground and had a nice confident stride. Surprisingly rare that day.

This was somewhere on 6th Ave/The Ave of Americas because of the way the streets are laid.  I focused on the people today.  I can always go back and concentrate on the city.

025/365 Outtake 2

This girl was my main 365. I loved her profile. She would have remained the main 365 image if the person did not walk into the frame!

This woman was terrific.  I got some great textures and detail in her clothes and skin, her ‘outline’ was so crisp and clean.  I love how the awning across the street looks like it’s from a hotel in black and white, not like a Burger King like it really is.

I think tomorrow will be the last of the NYC photos.  This is going on for longer than I meant and the topic really needs to change.  Classes start today, but nothing should interrupt my 365 unless I finally get a job.  Newer locations (should) be the New York Institute of Technology (of Old Westbury) campus, and some of the Long Island University on my downtime.


3 thoughts on “Week 4 – 025/365

  1. I am really glad you decided to keep the images even if they where blurry. (which to be honest, they do not look it) With street photography, it is more important to capture the scene, that moment, the expression than it is to have a technically correctly produced image. With street photography many of the rules get thrown out. Yes, we should follow them best we could, but some of the very best street images that have been made through out history follow no rules. Keep up the great work! This means, blurry, out of focus, grainy (the more the better) black and white, motion blur etc
    ….I look forwatd to seeing more 🙂

    • To be honest, every image I put up is processed (basic color correcting, straightening, noise reduction, etc) but these had to go through several processes to regain all of the textures that were lost through shaky hands, etc.

      Also, nearly none of the images were cropped besides just straightening the images. I kind of regret the straightening though, because I saw your images and the jaunty angles on some made the pictures highly interesting.

  2. Then you have done a great job with the pp. There is something about crooked images that I personally like, though many would not agree with me. I have been working on the tilt for quite some time and now I purposely make some crooked. go figure.

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