Week 4 – 024/365

Today I’m putting up some ‘artsy’ black and whites of New York City!  I wasn’t brave enough to use any in camera ‘black and white’ filter.  Honestly, I can’t imagine being brave/lazy enough to use any of the D5000’s in-camera filters (monochrome, filter effects, fish-eye, color outline, etc).  I love the fine-tuning I do in Photoshop and all of the control I can have with it.


I loved this shot. I didn't think I'd get the smoke, but I did.

This guy was a model waiting to happen.  He stopped walking ahead of me a ways, list his cigarette and just stood there for a pose for several shots.  This one was my favorite of the bunch.

024/365 Outtake 2

Remember this lady from yesterday? She caught me, lol.

Yesterday I posted a picture of this lady and her husband.  Their clash of outfits really got me, so I spent a little too much time ‘following’ them.  Enough to get caught red-handed by the wife.  Immediately after this, she grabbed his arm, turned 180 degrees and marched the other way.

024/365 Outtake

I'm not sure why, but I enjoy this picture. Maybe it's all the action on the left balanced by the 'white space' on the right?


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