Week 4 – 023/365

So I read the other day that it takes roughly 21-30 days to establish a new habit, but years to destroy bad habits.  I’m not sure how true this is, as I am 23 days in my 365.  I mean, I enjoy taking photographs, I really do, but isn’t a habit something that comes naturally?  I feel that the effort put into some days are less habitual and more planning and preparation.

Speaking of preparation, when I went for my NYC walk, I actually did have a theme in mind.  Two actually.  One is from one of the DPS forum Games and Challenges board, Capture a Stranger Street Style and the other was from the Weekly Assignment: Streets.


Only if I had caught her after she moved would this have been perfect. Silly lady.

Right outside One Penn Plaza I decided to park myself.  I wasn’t exactly sure on how to go about taking pictures of people, so I slowed my shutter speed and aimed the camera at the corner just ahead of me.  I was hoping to get a good shot of people standing still and cars being blurred as they whizzed by.  Not a ton came out the way I wanted, but I did catch this woman.  At the time I had pressed the shutter, she had the best contemplative look as she was looking at the street, then she suddenly turned and started to put the cigarette in her mouth.  DOH!

023/365 Outtake

This couple caught my eye. I tried so hard to take a ton of discrete photos.

There wasn’t a ton of uniquely dressed people in NYC as I thought there would be.  I guess this is why this couple stood out to me.  those pants were way too tight lady!  I love how they strutted around like they owned the city.  Don’t you know you’re not the only people who think that?

I started noticing while taking pictures that tourists seemed to be the only people who did not look at their feet the entire time while walking, unless they were like the couple above and thought that they were ‘the cat’s meow’.

023/365 Outtake 2

Oops, got caught! He kept on walking though.

Not many people looked at me because of the way I had been (not) holding my camera, but I did get caught several times if I had to adjust the focus (manual all the way baby).  Even though this guy looks like he’s standing for the picture, I did get him mid-stride.  He just kept on moving (thankfully).  No one confronted me about taking pictures.  I think if someone confronted people with cameras in NYC every time their picture was taken, they would have lost their voices!

My favorite thing about the D5000 over other DSLRs (that I’ve tried!) is the swivel live view screen.  It was so much easier taking discrete shots on the street when the camera wasn’t up to my face.  Rather, I pulled the screen down and turned it so it was facing up at me, and I made like I was trying to figure out the camera while it was hanging low on the strap.  I was able to get shots of some people’s faces and they didn’t even know the camera was on.


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