Week 4 – 022/365

Wow, I took over 200 shots today!  I’m going to post some every day until I feel like I am ‘done’ with the “In the City” shots.


Original file was over 400 MB! This one is less than 3 now.

Jeezum, processing these 20+ raw files (dng’s, whatever) into a panorama (above) was murder on my computer.  I think it took a total of five minutes for the computer to be about halfway done before I got up to do something else.

022/365 Outtake

Look ma! No tripod!

Between taking different types of shots of Grand Central Station for my own uses, I’ve been taking pictures of tourists on their own cameras.  It kind of brought me back to how there is always one family member missing from my own family photos, so I went up to the ‘photographer’ and asked if s/he wanted to be in the photo.  I only got rejected one out of six attempts, probably mostly because the one rejection were from England and probably didn’t trust a strange American with their camera 🙂

022/365 Outtake 2

No matter how hard these squash players try, they'll never beat that wall.

There was a glass box near the entrance of the station and these two men were playing squash.  I couldn’t get any great shots but I like the guy on the left so I posted this one.


2 thoughts on “Week 4 – 022/365

    • Don’t worry. Classes start again Monday, so I’ll be taking more and more pictures outside the apartment. Legos will still reappear (my boyfriend is bringing down a box when he comes back!) but they won’t be my main subject anymore.

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