Week 3 – 021/365

Whee! I’m gonna be up to week four tomorrow!

Tomorrow I’m also going into NYC for some shots.  I may take enough to fill out a whole week.  Who knows.  I’ll get more into that tomorrow.

Today I actually cleaned up my PPS (Portable Photo Studio) so there was minimal processing on making the background clean of little wrinkles.  I also am working on where to put the lighting on several different shots.  It’s a fun process.


Look at that clean background! Almost professional 🙂 Or not, but I like ♥

021/365 Retake

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “This ship again?  Why?”  Well, no one that commented on yesterday’s entry liked that focus being on the space man and me letting the lights/guns be faded out for some depth of field work.  So I promised to retake this.

I guess if this were to be an ad or showing off the Lego set then this is a better image, but I liked the focus on the previous image better.  Oh well, I wouldn’t be letting myself get better if I stuck my heels in the sand and refused to even try someone else’s suggestion.

Tomorrow, NYC!


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