Week 3 – 018/365

Back into doing some outtakes again.  I wanted to get out of the habit of doing Legos and stuffed animals, so I decided to look at some common items around the apartment.

You know what?  It’s hard to walk around a broke student apartment and try and make something artsy out of it.  But so what? I’m an art major and it’s my job to make common objects artsy! Why do things have to be moved from their normal location to a designated ‘photo zone’ and be made to look good?  I have a zoom, I have the ability to see what can be cropped out by tightening the picture, playing with the focus and lighting.  So I took the shot.

“Why not fire up photoshop and see what I can do?” was my next thought.  It has been cloudy all day today, and the sun looks like it’s setting at times, although its barely past the noon hour (yes, I took today’s photo yesterday, sue me).

So after fixing the focus, adjusting the shadows and highlights, I burned in the faux sunset, cloned the window sill frame out and ultimately recropped the image.


I decided “what is more important?” in processing this image.  Was the bottle important?  Well, it is the subject, but seeing the whole thing was not necessary, so I changed the portrait shot into a landscape and zoomed in.  Should I clone/retake the image so the black bars of the window sill on the right and bottom are gone?  I decided no, as they grounded the image and didn’t make the bottle float on an indefinite background.

So I went back to the main subject and focused on the imperfections in the glass. I think the imperfections make the image: they catch light and give a wavy appearance and give texture to the image.

018/365 Outtake

Later in the day, I revisited the bottle and decided to take the same shot later in the day. I know I didn’t get the shot in mind (I was thinking more lights in the background, but a lot of people apparently weren’t home from work yet).

018/365 Outtake 2


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