Week 3 – 015/365

Week 3!  I officially made it further than I did last year!

Unfortunately that does not mean that I had an easy time with today’s entry.  I had inspiration for a completely different shot, but I forgot I’m a poor grad student and I have no money for light boxes/soft boxes, props or anything else.  At home upstate, everything was easier because my mom was actively a part in getting a week’s worth of shots and would pull out something I needed or I didn’t know I needed until I saw it.


So today I took a picture of my boyfriend’s new work boots.  I guess this is a little outlet for my frustration of moving down here in the early summer and still not having a job yet.  He got to be transferred from one store to another while I spend my days taking pictures and hoping to hear from applications I sent out.

I only moved these shoes back a little for the shot.  I think in the beginning, my boyfriend started leaving them about three feet in front of our door to see if I would get mad, as my mom is a perfectionist.  I didn’t (I usually do the same thing), so he just leaves his boots wherever he wants.  The only time I do get mad is when he’s tired, forgets to drop them by the door and leaves them in the middle of the dark bedroom for me to trip over.  I’ve completely fallen three times in the same night because we were both tired and we kept forgetting to move them 😛

this is completely uninteresting, I’ll have something better tomorrow.


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