Week 2 – 014/365

Yay, a full two weeks in and going strong.  This time I took pictures regarding travel.  Mostly on the train (once I was able to find out Amtrak doesn’t care if you shoot out the window with a DSLR).  I know some trains ban cameras and will take a lens, battery or some part of the camera so you can’t take a picture.

Anyways, here is what I got with my DSLR and S60.


Taken with D5000 out of the train window. I think I took 20 burst shots of this and one or two came out. Finding that this angle came out made me very happy.

014/365 Outtake

Much later in the day I was waiting for a LIRR train to take me home. I decided to take a picture of a sunset when a woman stepped in front of me. Thank you lady, for giving me an interesting silhouette!

While taking other sunset images (not with this woman in the way) a woman approached me and suggested I stand at a different spot.  Unfortunately, because of my luggage I couldn’t go up and down the stairs in a busy area, but I thanked her anyways.  We got to talking and she told me that the best places in Long Island was in Montauk during the sunset/sunrise in the Summer/Autumn.  This woman (we never exchanged names) apparently works in a hotel and is familiar with photographers coming in during these seasons to get photos of the beaches on the Atlantic side of Long Island.

We talked for about 30-40 minutes about photography, the earthquake in Haiti, airport security, family members with diabetes, and other topics before her train arrived and we bade each other farewell.  Maybe in the summer I will head out to Montauk and find her hotel and take some pictures.

014/365 Outtake 2

Taken with my point and shoot, long before I knew that taking pictures on the train with a DSLR was fine. I wish I knew this sooner, but the conductors were hiding!

I took many many pictures, but not many came out.  I tried KensaiGreenie’s suggestions, but some of the photos didn’t come out well at all.  Some did, some didn’t but I put up my favorites of the bunch.


2 thoughts on “Week 2 – 014/365

  1. lilbab!

    Awesome shots! Forget about shooting from the train, your bridge shot would be great if you had been standing on the river bank. The sunset with the silhouette is fantastic! Love it!

    Great images! Congratulations!


    • Thanks! I got the shutter speed to go as fast as it could go! I was so upset that on screen it looked very dark, but I did a lot of recovery in Photoshop. To think I almost erased these.

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