DPS Assignment – Landscapes

Posted by Saralonde from the DPS Assignment board:

“Landscapes” Jan. 6 – Jan. 20

If you have a camera, chances are great you’ve tried a some landscape photography. Many times we feel feel dissatisfied when we look at our landscape shots. They never quite recreate the feeling of what we saw. So this assignment is deceptively simple: I want you to take a landscape shot that has a definite point of interest. Check out “Landscape Photography Tips” and keep in mind the following:

  1. Have a point of interest and think about placing it according to the rule of thirds.
  2. Don’t place your horizon across the middle of the scene.
    A third of the way from the top or bottom is best.
  3. Be aware of foreground interest.
  4. Consider using framing in your shot if appropriate.
  5. Where should you focus? Read this.
  6. In most good landscapes, your eye will travel easily around the image. Having a main point of interest and some secondary ones that support the primary subject can add up to a pleasing shot.
As it states, the assignment runs January 6-January 20.  Usually the assignments run a week, but this one seems to be running longer than normal.  I think it’s supposed to be sometime like the 16-20, but either way, I don’t believe I’ll have an entry in time.
The next assignment is Streets:
Next week a simple topic: “Streets”. I’m sure you can find one! Rural or urban, busy or quiet. Use what you learned trying landscapes or get up close and personal. What kind of personality does this street have and can you show it in your shot? Can you make me want to walk down this street? Is it a busy scene? If so, try finding a point of interest so the viewer’s eye can start at that point and then move to secondary areas. Consider your choice of depth of field. Do you want everything in focus or do you want to highlight something by keeping the focus on it and softening the rest of the shot?


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