Week 2 – 012/365

Today I have two ‘entries’ for my 365 because I could not choose one over the other.  As I am rushing out the door to go to the doctors, more details will come later.


One of my mom's favorite decorations. I loved the colors it gave the room.

Mom helped with this one. I was in a slump thinking about this morning’s doctor appointment so she told me to look around at some of her favorite decorations.  The fake plant with butterflies was my favorite image.  Unfortunately, the original picture didn’t come out well so I had to do a lot of color and shadow recovery on it which created digital noise.  Getting rid of the noise gave the image a ‘non-photograph’ quality, but I quite like it.


This is just a mask my mom bought from Pier 1. Nothing special here!

Same-ishly different problem with the end image here.  The background was a white box, and the light was provided by a television directly in front of the mask.  I had the camera set on (S)hutter priority with the smallest aperture possible while the television was on, because I was hoping for some interesting light.  Again, I had to do a lot of recovery in the post-processing.  This is also a very tight crop of the original image.  The original has the full mask, but also a busy background (a large plant I could not move, wallpaper, window, etc).  I decided that having half of the image being the visually busy mask and half being the ‘white’ box would balance the image out enough.


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