Week 2 – 011/365

Yesterday I forgot to mention I got into the double digits. Woohoo!  This is further than I got last year I think.

Anyways, you’re here for the photos, not for the self-congratulatory pat on my own back.


The flowers were originally completely opaque to the naked eye, but I repeatedly dodged and burned until they looked more translucent.

011/365 Outtake

Still much lighter than the original and much more attractive looking 😀

This image comes from inside the house.  It’s an old chandelier that I recolored during the post processing, and I softened the focus since all the detail was confusing and distracting.  The original colors were also, besides being horribly garish, were warped further by the lighting I had to use which is more evident in the outtake.

No idea how I got the 365 image so blue, with the flowers being much lighter than the background.  In the originals, the flowers are dark orange and the background is light orange. I tried replicating what I did in the first image, but it was done hours later and I forgot the process.  Unfortunate, yes, but the first image was photographed better anyways so I see little loss.


2 thoughts on “Week 2 – 011/365

    • It hasn’t been easy, believe me. There are days where I’m so inspired I could do a week’s worth of images in one day. Or I’ll have days like last night where I’m looking at something that once inspired me and I wonder why I even gave it a second glance.

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