Week 2 – 010/365

Wow, my feet are still freezing writing this! I just got in from watching my brother and his friend sledding for about two hours.


010/365 Outtake

010/365 Outtake 2

Despite how fun the day was, I had tons of trouble taking the pictures.  Until my new glasses come in, I can’t look in the viewfinder to take pictures and I have to rely on the Live View (which is hard when you can’t see it well because of the bright light).

But living is learning and I learned many things. Namely:

  1. Next time, wear snow-pants
  2. If you don’t have snow-pants, have something to sit on
  3. If you have neither, you can’t complain when your knees and leg muscles cramp up because of your crouching the entire time kids are climbing up the hill.
  4. Don’t wear skiing gloves, especially if you are big on manual focus. I had to beg my mom to switch gloves so I could even hit the shutter button!  The switch resulted in colder hands, but better pictures.
  5. Don’t assume you’ll be there all day.  The boys ended up getting in a fight which ended in my brother landing in a pile of snow without his gloves and his hands were too cold for him to want to do anything else and the friend got in some trouble so sledding was out from then on.

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