Week 2 – 009/365

These were actually taken yesterday, because the conditions for the following images were perfect.  Unfortunately (and what I predicted) the weather wasn’t the same today so they could not be re-shot.

Anyways, when I look at these, all I can think is “you’ll shoot your eye out!”


Just a few second prior, he had the gun up and was aiming at the target, but the shot didn't take in time. It managed to get him in a more relaxed position, however.

My brother is my absolute favorite model. He’s stopped thinking I’m (too) weird years ago when he sees me swing my camera out. For the most part, he even stops looking at the camera, just like a good little action model 🙂

009/365 Outtake 2

My brother observing gun safety, despite the BB gun being empted previously.

009/365 Outtake

Last shot of the day. I forgot he wasn't wearing gloves and he dropped the gun right after because he was so cold!


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