Week 1 – 007/365

The end of the first week!  I heard the first three were the hardest.  I have two more to check this theory, although this is where I had to quit because of classes last year.

I was working with my mom’s lens (70mm-300mm) again, and my 55mm-200mm lens, walking around again.  I tried to take another snowflake picture to get a clearer background, but it was warm enough for them to all melt together.

A bit dejected, I started walking inside and noticed that my mom had, at one point, put up a bird feeder.  I put my gloves back on and stood around for several minutes snapping pictures.


Every time the shutter clicked, the birds would all fly away, so I would have to wait several seconds to several minutes before the birds would fly back to the feeder.  This shot above I got particularly lucky, because it was as close as I could get.

007/365 Outtake

This other image is after I first noticed the bird feeder, than two attempts to move closer.  The 365 entry is my fifth and final attempt to get close.


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