Week 1 – 006/365

Yesterday I remembered that my mom had a pretty powerful zoom lens (70mm-300mm) that she got for her D40 a year or so ago. I tried it around the house and poked it put windows.

My verdict?

I’m stuck with a 50mm-200mm lens as my strongest lens unless Nikon makes something lighter. After taking several pictures, my arms were tired because I couldn’t keep the lens up and straight on the shot for longer than it took to set the focus and take the shot. It’s very unfortunate because my mom does not use the lens and I could have have a heavy (ha ha) inheritance. To be fair, I was pacing the house with the camera up.

Anyways, on to the daily picture. Today’s is a heavy close up of some new fallen snow. I had seen some inspiration galleries on the subject and I really wanted a shot of my own. I love how much a snowflake looks like glass or crystal close up.


Edit: I went out again and the camera seemed lighter, although I had some trouble adjusting the manual focus because I think mom did something to it.  Going back out, I retook the shot where I got the 365, but zoomed out to get a shot of the whole area.

006/365 Outtake


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