The Name Game

Vase of Beads
Thanks to DigUpHerBones07 of the DPS forums for bringing up this subject:

My bologna has a first name….

or in this case, my camera. Her name is Bernadette. She’s a flashy little red Samsung. I haven’t shot with my husband’s camera enough to have picked out a name yet, but soon!

Does your camera have a name?

I’ve always called my little Nikon point and shoot “My Nikon” or “Nik” out loud, but since it’s small and red, I mentally call ‘her’ Nikky.

I haven’t named my D5000 yet, which is weird because I have a habit of naming things immediately. My 18-55 lens is Kit and 55-200 is ‘Bigg’un’.  If I inherit my mom’s 70-300 lens, then that will officially be called Mammoth or Big Momma (since my small arms can’t lift it for very long).

So, if you name your camera/lenses, what are they?


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