Week 1 – 005/365

This morning I was walking around my house, up and down the street, in the back yard and under trees.  It was (fortunately) snowing out, and I got to try the snow/beach function on my camera, plus I was playing with some functions to try and capture the snow as it fell. As usual, 90% of the pictures did not come out as I wanted, but I finally ended up with the ‘perfect’ shot.


I like this picture because it makes our house look like we live in the country, but we really live in the city.  The only thing about this picture is that I’m going to have to outdo myself at some point.  I kind of can’t wait to show my mom, she thinks the only worthwhile picture of our house is dead on from the front.  I’m such a kid.

Before I forget, when I took this picture, I had the camera up to my eye, pivoting back and forth on my heel trying to see something interesting through the viewfinder.  While doing this, I was randomly zooming in and out, focusing and unfocusing and just generally being random in my methods.  Again, I say thankfully it was snowing, because I had to stop spinning the guard myself from a sudden gust of wind and when I looked up I saw this perfectly framed between the branches of a small tree.


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