Week 1 – 003/365

Thinking about today’s photo was pretty easy today. I was flipping through yesterday’s reject images on my computer saying ‘what to do, what to do’ with the assumption my boyfriend had his headphones on.  He quickly got up, walked across the room and plopped his Christmas gift from my mom in front of the window, on several boxes so the table wouldn’t get caught in the shot and sat back in front of his computer.


After roughly 40 shots with different camera settings, I finally found a head-on shot that I enjoyed.  Because the background and figures were so white, limited recovery could be done on the Lego men.  I don’t mind though, I loved bringing out the colors in the ship, uniforms and the men.

Challenges? I guess it was having to fight my lighting situation and finding out that I had to clone the reflections of my blinds off of the ship and helmets when this was put on my computer.  There was also so much more light coming in from the back, and very little coming from my end, and the flash wasn’t working with my situation at all other that giving highlights to the worst places.

003/365 Outtake 1

After I finished with the main image, I decided just a head-on shot was boring, so I lowered my tripod, moved the ship (the Lego men were set in the places and were safe) and took close up shots of the pilots, an endeavor which took another 16 images for 3 workable ones.  I’m a freak, I know. It matters to me.

003/365 Outtake 2

This final image outtake was a very low angle, originally meant to be one of the close ups, but the angles doesn’t work out well enough.  I like this because the angle is interesting, and you see more of the ship’s detail that you don’t see in the original.


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