Week 1 – 002/365

I think my favorite thing about my boyfriend is that, like me, he’s a kid in a 20-something body.  Among his favorite possessions are his Lego Men.  Lately I’ve taken to photographing them in various scenes while he is at work.


For this image, I once again used my 55mm-200mm lens and looked around the apartment, trying to find a subject for today.  He had four sets of Lego scenes on the window sill and I set up the shot and took it.

The main reason I like this shot was because I was told that larger lenses were great for shallow depth of field shots, and for this shot it worked.  Absolutely no processing was done to blue the background, which made me incredibly happy.  The only processing done was increasing saturation, sharpness, and cloning out the black part of the window sill so it looks like the Lego Pirates are setting sail.


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