Week 1 – 001/365


First of all, I just noticed that my metadata is incorrect. Looks like I need to fix the time/date on my camera before continuing onwards.

Anyways, I used my new 55mm-200mm telephoto lens for this, lying on my belly before I take the tree down.  This was actually a pain to do because I had to lay on my stomach and pull the swivel display in all directions before I got a shot that I was ok with, let alone a shot that came out well.

The only post processing done was to alter the colors so the image looked warmer.

I’m thinking there should have been more white space on the right to balance out all of the content on the left.  Any opinions? I went ahead and added in more white space. I think I like this version better.

001/365 Outtake


2 thoughts on “Week 1 – 001/365

  1. I added so much white space because I ended up needed to put text there so I can send it out as a New Years card to family since I didn’t send Christmas cards.

    Thank you for your comment ♥ I was debating on how much white space to put up when this version didn’t have text.

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